Rely on experience!

Questra Holdings was established on 4 May 2009



Since 2009 successfully in the financial business


More than 1100 transactions in the last 7 years


The working capital amounts to EUR 314 million


88% of all transactions carried out are profitable


Active in 28 European countries


231 million profit for the investors in 2015


158 employees


54 Euro million insurance fund of the Company


Unique earnings and career system


Interest-free loans for housing or car purchase


to Questra Holdings and related earning opportunities with Atlantic Global Asset Management and Questra World.

Questra Holdings is a really extensive network, which is involved by his own admission in various investment activities.

This includes:
Auction and real estate trade
Purchase and sale of securities on the stock market (IPO)
Support of companies that like to go on the stock market

The launch of the online presence took place on 11th of April 2013. However Questra is emerged from an experienced team that has been around since the 04th of May 2009.

Questra Holdings earns his living, as already mentioned, in the financial sector. There are about 25 managers employed, which achieve gains or losses by tradings. The goal is of course to make profits.
This is usually accomplished and the managers generate an average of about 7% return per week. Depending on the selected investment package, fee will be charged.

With various investement portfolios you have the option to generate up to 312% per year and you can also generate additional passive income with the partner program.


With Numerous investment portfolio you have the opportunity to earn up to 312% per year. For every type of investor something. Everything is possible from a small investment from 90 euros to large investment of 500,000 euros.


The really brilliant Affiliate Program of Questra rewards investors who additionally recommend the project. According to this, there is another interesting possibility of creating Passive income.


In addition to the partner program, you can also climb the career ladder. Beside receiving your commission you can generate bonus payments by achieving a certain level and later on you are even entitled to get your own manager and much more.


Questra Holdings works with many payment processors. Available for deposits and withdrawals are Perfect Money, OKPAY, Bitcoin and bank transfers.

Investment packages

There are 6 interesting investment packages for smaller investors from 90 to 21.570 euros. The investment period of these packages is 365 days. There is a weekly payout of income which depends on the results of the managers.
If the result of the managers should be negative, the investment packages are safeguarded via insurance fund, but this hasn’t happened before.
Once you have three identical investment packages, you can upgrade them to the next higher ones.

810 Euro Invest - Simulation

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Purchase of two 270 Euro Investment Packages! Upgrade from 270 to 810 and further from 810 to a 2430 Euro investment package!

For bigger investors!

There are 4 new investment packages with higher returns! There is also a weekly payout which depends on the results of the managers. The investment period is also 365 days and the packages are also safeguarded via insurance fund.

Climb the career ladder with 300-42000 QP per month.

You can do it!

Affiliate - Program!

You can be an investor and if you like to, you can also start a lucrative career at Questa Holdings.

9 level bonus plan!

There is a 9 level career ladder, that is rewarded with a bonus from 1.000,00€ to 500.000,00€. Everyone starts as a newcomer, but you can work your way up with team sales. The first level “Bronze Agent” will be achieved with 3.000,00€ team sales, but there is no bonus. With team sales of about 25.000,00€ you can reach the status “Silver Agent” and receive 1.000,00€ bonus etc....

Agent Profit!

"Agent profits" are profits for investments of your partners on the first level. You can already get them as a newcomer. It starts with 5% and they increase with each level. The amount of commission depends on your position on the career ladder. For example you are a “Gold agent” and your customers/partners buy an investment package of 7.290,00€. On level 4 you will get 10,5% and your income will be 765QP/Euro.

Agent`s profit from your team!

There are not only commissions from your first level, but also an additional commission from the team sales. It does not matter, at what level the partners are. The profit from the sales team is calculated from the difference of your level and your partner.

Suppose, as an example, you are on level 2 (Bronze Agent with 7%) and have 7 partners!
Three of them do not have an investment package and the remaining four have a total group turnover of 8 730 Euro. They even have personal sales (first level of the partner) of 7620 Euro.

Sie erhalten 533 Euro (7 620 x 7%) und 175 Euro (8 730 x 2% (7% Ihre Ebene – 5% Partner Ebene).

Only 4 steps and start your career!

1. Register
2. verify account
3. Account recharge with Bank Transfer EUR, Bitcoin or Perfect Money EUR
4. Buy Investment Packages

My name is Christian Riegler and I invite you to register for free at Questra Holdings!

As your partner, I will of course support you and answer your questions. You can contact me through this e mail address atsys.cr@gmail.com. I would be very happy!
You can also get this landing page or any further information on request.


When online investment with high profits losses are possible. In the worst case, a total loss is possible. It is important to me that you pay your attention at this risk. I ask you to read the following lines carefully. If this risks are too high for you, please don't pay any investment packages.

Income Disclaimer:

With the use of the system, take note of the following: You acknowledge and agree that no representations or warranties of any kind about distribution, income, results or profits are made or can be made.

You acknowledge and agree that potential distributions, income, results or profit payments if they were to arise, are purely voluntary benefits of the system provider. These benefits may be suspended at any time or discontinuation without notice. There is no legal entitlement to payments of any kind.

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